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The goal of this site is primarily to document the ancestors and descendants of Christopher Bishir (1759 - 1847) of Highland County, Ohio. Also included is research on the surname spellings Bishir, Bisher. Beishir, Byshire, Buysher, Bysheare and others.

Christopher Bishir, also known as "Chrisly" was an American pioneer. He and his descendants were part of the great westward migration. Our folks moved into unknown territory shortly after the land opened up for settlement and carved their farms out of the wilderness. They were skilled coopers, craftsmen who made wooden staved vessels, such as barrels, buckets, butter churns, and tubs, and they passed that skill down through the generations. The earliest language they spoke was German and they hailed from the area on the border of France and Germany called Alsace. So, how do we sum them up? They were part of and helped create the great American experience.

Our most important research objective is to find the homeland and parents of Christopher Bishir.

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We are always happy to learn new things about the family but we are not actively updating the site right now. To protect people's privacy, we try not to display information about living persons on this web site.

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