Thomas Lee

Male - Bef 1709

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  • Name Thomas Lee  [1, 2
    Gender Male 
    Died Bef 19 Jul 1709  Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
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    Family Elizabeth 
     1. Alice Lee,   b. Bef 1669,   d. Apr 1687, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age > 18 years)
    +2. Mary Lee,   b. Abt 1670, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 8 Jan 1719/20, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 50 years)
    +3. Ann Lee,   b. Bef 1678, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
    +4. Elizabeth Lee,   b. 8 Nov 1678, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location
    +5. Charles Lee,   b. 23 Mar 1683/84, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 6 Jan 1719/20, Middlesex Co., Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 35 years)
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  • Notes 

    • Most of the research for the Lees of Virginia presented here comes from Pamela Cranston of New York. Consult her Rootsweb tree for greater detail:

      (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

      The Lee Family of Middlesex County, Virginia

      The home of this family was in the northern part of Middlesex, near what is now the village of Jamaica, and lies between Parrott's Creek and the Dragon, which is the head waters of the Pyankatank River. It is a rolling, well wooded and watered country and just south of the Essex County border.

      Previous to 1667, Middlesex was a part of Lancaster county and the records are to be found in the Lancaster books. During this period the only certain way of determining whether one was an inhabitant of either county was by the grouping of names. This is conclusive.

      The earliest known founder of this family is Thomas Lee. The earliest reference to him is in 1662.

      Many Lees were in Virginia previous to this date. Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers lists four Thomas Lees who came over as head rights. Others came in from the West Indies. So far, it has been impossible to find out whether Thomas Lee was the first of his line to be in Virginia, or the names of his parents. The family name of his wife, Elizabeth, is not known, or if she was his first wife. The guesses have slight foundation. Possibly that they settled Jamaica might indicate a West Indies source. The name Charles was cherished through several generations. It might have been the name of Thomas’ father. Thomas Lee appeared to have more land than can be accounted for by purchase which might indicate that he inherited it. He also had four tithables in 1665 and five in 1666. He must have been a young man then and had other dependents other than children. The lines of the other Lees in Virginia are far from being cleared up. After 1666 Middlesex did not record tithables.

      The main church in Lancaster/Middlesex County was Christ Church, under the Church of England. "Middlesex county was originally a part of Lancaster county, when the latter covered both sides of the Rappahannock River for an indefinite distance. Between the years 1650 and 1660 it is probable that it was made a separate county. Until that time one minister served the whole county, although it is probable there were two parishes on either side of the river before the division of the county. Those on the south side were called Lancaster and Pyankatank. They were originally one, and called Lancaster; and, in 1666, became one again, under the name of Christ Church, Lancaster county." Source: Meade, William. Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia, Volume I and II, (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1857, Article XXXI..)

      As Christ Church register (Middlesex Co., VA) does not record the birth of his three older children, Alice, Mary and Ann, Thomas Lee may have lived somewhere else before coming to Middlesex.

      That he was literate, as was his son, Charles, that he was a modest property owner, and that in the county records his name was associated with the leading members of the county would indicate that he was a respected citizen. From 1662 to the filing of his will in 1709 he appears many times in the records of the county. The more important ones are here given:

      Dec. 3rd, 1662. Lancaster deed book II P 255. Witnessed with Cuthbert Potter and William Brett deed by Bertram Obert.

      l665 Lancaster Deed book III. Four tithables. 1666 Lancaster Deed Book III. Five tithables. March 2nd., 1673, Middlesex. A suit over tobacco between Francis Blackman and Robert Boodle and Mr. John Wortham and Mr. Thomas Lee. Middlesex Order Book P. 44.

      1674. Ordered by court to pay John and Thomas Blewford 400 lbs. tobacco for bringing back his runaway servants, Thomas Berry and Charles Summerfield.

      Middlesex Order Book 1673-1660. Front page. List of grand jury for 1677. Thomas Lee among the most prominent names of nothern Middlesex County.

      Middlesex Order Book 1677/8. George Twyman, servant to Thomas Lee. Brought into court and adjudged sixteen years old. He came over on the ship "Recovery".

      IX-172 1/2 April 7th. 1679. George Twyman, servant to Thomas Lee, is ordered to serve his said master for absenting himself by running away, one hundred and twenty-three days and for ye sum of eleven hundred and seventy pounds of tobacco and cask disbursed in recovering him and for damage in his crop ye full time of two years and a halfe from his first indenture time is expired.

      Middlesex Order Book 1678/9. Robert Addis, arrived in ship Henry and Ann, servant to Thomas Lee, adjudged fifteen years old.

      1779. Thomas Lee assessed for food for soldiers.

      X-39 Oct 10th. 1681. Gregory Gibbs vs. Thomas Lee for assault, beating and wounding him. Which fact being put to ye trial of William Daniel, Dudley Augustine Cont, Robert Price, Jeremiah Overy, Anthony Slattery, Thomas Tozley, Anthony Barbee, John Ffirrell, Nicholas Paine, Thomas Hill and William Cheney who upon cathes say that they finde for ye plaintiff and award him for his loss of time and misery indured, ye sum of fifteen hundred pounds of tobacco and caske and that Thomas Lee pay ye doctor for ye cure of ye wounds, which verdict is by the court confirmed.

      Middlesex County Order Book: X-317 Nov. 23rd. 1687. Att a court the for the County of Middlesex. Present. Col. Christopher Wormley, Capt. Walter Whittaker, Mr. John Wortham, Mr. Oswald Cary, Mr. William Daniel.

      "The court being mett together by vurtue of his Excels commands signified by his letter of the 14th instant to take an acc of what men in this county are capable to finde horse and man as likewise to serve on foot in the militia of this county. Upon full examination of the same do hereby make returne as follows. That the persons whose names are underwritten are by this court thought of sufficient ability to find a man horse and arms."

      Among the names listed were: Doodes Minor, William Montague, Thomas LEE, William Daniell Jr., Thomas Blewford, William MULLINS and Thomas GARDNER.

      Order Book 2 1680-1694, pg. 563, (Hopkins, pg. 151.): 5 Sept., 1692, Adm. of estate of George Prestnall, decd., granted to John Kearsey. Sec: Mr. Francis Weeks and Mr. Thomas Lee.

      Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, Order Book 3 1694-1705, , pg. 110. (Hopkins, pg. 161): Thomas Lee served on a jury 19 Feb 1695, other jurors included: Thomas Crispe, William James, Thomas Spencer, Robert Chowning, Nicholas Howels, Edward Docker, John Berin, John Casey, Thomas Dyal, Richard Allin, William Mullings (Mullins), William Brooks, William Mounteconge (Montague), Nicholas West, George Goodloe, and Nicholas Rice.

      Thomas Lee, seventh on list of fifty one prominent names. XX-l00 Feb. 18th. 1706/7. Thomas Lee coming before the court drunk. It is ordered that ye sheriff take him into custody and therein safely keep him till he pay his fine according to law.

      Many of the other records refer to jury duty, enforcement of law and appraisal of estates. Of interest is that in 1702 he appraised the estates of Peter Montague and Geo. Twyman. XII-281. March 8th. 1709.

      Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812 show Charles Lee probated the will of his father, Thomas Lee. The will was made March 1709 and was proved July 13, 1709.

      The Family of Thomas Lee

      Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, p. 222, (Hopkins pg. 50). The will of Thomas Lee was dated February 13, 1709, proved March 6, 1709. In it he mentions his wife Elizabeth, son Charles, daughters Mary Jones and Ann Gardner, grandson Thomas Lee to whom he left the plantation bought of Anthony Slaughter, grandson Charles Lee and granddaughter Elizabeth Mullins, daughter of William Mullins, dec. His son Charles was executor and the witnesses were John Owen, Elizabeth Mullins and Ringing Gardner.

      The births and marriages of Alice Lee, Mary Lee and Ann Lee are not recorded in the Christ Church Register. Mary Lee was the wife of William Jones whose will is on record in Middlesex dated March 6, 1709. (P224). His estate comprised about 300 acres. They left descendants. She married Thomas Warwick second and had children.

      Ann Lee was the wife of William Gardner and the family was established in the county. They had descendants.

      Elizabeth Lee daughter Thomas and Elizabeth Lee born in l677/8. Christ Church Register says she was baptized Aug. 11, 1678. She married William Mullins and left descendents.

      In correspondence with Wendell Ware from Indianapolis, IN, a descendant of both the Daniel and Ware families of Middlesex Co, VA, Pamela Lee Cranston has been able to pin point fairly well where the Lee plantation was in Middlesex Co. Looking at a 1989 map of Middlesex County, the Lee property lay just west of state rt. 17, where the road forks at Jamaica, at point #711 on the map. The Lee farm was between the Daniel's and Ware farms. Route 17 in Middlesex County runs from the top of the county southeast down to Stingray Point.

      After studying old deeds, Wendell Ware wrote on 5/22/2000, "When going south on Rt. 17 you will come to a second church on the map - the Daniel farm is just past it, about a half mile west of Jamaica. I saw the old house before they tore it down. Quoting from Deed Book 2, pg. 75-77, Samuel Ware bought property from William Owen in 1792, beginning at Ralph Watts corner on Briery Swamp on Robert Daniel's line then S 63 degrees and E 69 poles to the corner of Daniel and Charles Lee's line. This would indicate that the Lee plantation was on or near Rt. 17, east ot the Daniel's farm, closer to Jamaica. The Montague farm is south of them. What is important here is to remember that the Daniel farm is on the main road, Rt. 17 and it goes along both sides of the road. Most of it is on the the west and south side of Jamaica, which was named after the first Daniel plantation established by Capt. William Daniel in 1669. In the Lee deeds, if they refer to the main road, they are most likely referring to Rt. 17."


      Thomas Lee d. 1709 Middlesex Co., VA line - We have done DNA testing on this line. See the DNA results below and on the link. Please let me know if you find any connections with other earlier Lees in Virginia or from the UK.

      Pamela Lee Cranston

      Displaying User ID: NMTNS

      DYS 393 DYS 390 DYS 19/394 DYS 391 DYS 385a DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1
      13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 12 13
      DYS 392 DYS 389-2 DYS 458 DYS 459a DYS 459b DYS 455 DYS 454 DYS 447 DYS 437 DYS 448
      13 29 17 7 10 11 11 25 15 19
      DYS 449 DYS 464a DYS 464b DYS 464c DYS 464d DYS 460 GATA H4 YCA IIa YCA IIb DYS 456
      29 15 15 17 17 11 11 19 23 16
      DYS 607 DYS 576 DYS 570 CDY a CDY b DYS 442 DYS 438
      15 19 17 37 39 12 12

      Haplogroup: R1b1c (tested)
      Last name: Lee
      Variant last names:
      Tested with: Family Tree DNA
      Contact person: Pamela Lee Cranston

      Most distant known paternal ancestor on the direct male line
      First Name: Thomas
      Last Name: Lee
      Year Born: About 1640?
      Year Died: 1709
      Country of Origin: Jamaica, Middlesex County, VA, USA

      Additional information about Paternal Line:
      Thomas Lee was in Lancaster/Middlesex County Virginia by 1662 and died there in Jamaica, Middlesex Co., in 1709. He may have been born about 1640 either in Virginia or England. So far, we have found no connection with his line and the Richard Lee line, the Immigrant, of Virginia.

      Pamela Lee Cranston [2]

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