St. Louis, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beishier, George C.  Abt Apr 1862St. Louis, Missouri I9896
2 Beishier, Helen Louise  5 Sep 1923St. Louis, Missouri I52
3 Beishier, Helene  26 Oct 1932St. Louis, Missouri I9116
4 Beishier, Jacob Simeon  15 Apr 1853St. Louis, Missouri I7429
5 Beishier, John Henry Jr  30 Jul 1906St. Louis, Missouri I9727
6 Beishier, John Louis  Feb 1858St. Louis, Missouri I7431
7 Beishier, Viola F  Jun 1885St. Louis, Missouri I9439
8 Beishir, Frederick Andrew  22 Apr 1925St. Louis, Missouri I9752
9 Cullen, Mary Margaret  26 Sep 1928St. Louis, Missouri I9756
10 Fox, M.S.L.  Feb 1874St. Louis, Missouri I9707
11 Goble, Martha W.  7 Oct 1856St. Louis, Missouri I7452
12 Kensinger, Jeannette Camilla  19 Jun 1910St. Louis, Missouri I9718
13 Kensinger, Lee Wynn  7 Mar 1903St. Louis, Missouri I9086
14 Kratky, Albert “AJ” Vincent  22 Jul 1901St. Louis, Missouri I9083
15 Lusch, Freda  9 Jan 1896St. Louis, Missouri I9107
16 Miriani, Theresa  21 Nov 1909St. Louis, Missouri I9115
17 Wynn, Andrew “Andy”  Abt 1878St. Louis, Missouri I7438
18 Wynn, Elizabeth  1872St. Louis, Missouri I7439
19 Wynn, James  Abt 1899St. Louis, Missouri I7440
20 Wynn, James E.  3 Dec 1926St. Louis, Missouri I7451
21 Wynn, Mary L.  15 Jul 1880St. Louis, Missouri I7437
22 Wynn, Sarah “Sallie”  Nov 1868St. Louis, Missouri I7441
23 Yates, Edna A  10 Jan 1912St. Louis, Missouri I9766
24 Yates, Viola Margaret  17 Sep 1919St. Louis, Missouri I9767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beishier, Amanda M.  11 Jul 1974St. Louis, Missouri I9111
2 Beishier, Benjamin Hampton  25 Dec 1871St. Louis, Missouri I7427
3 Beishier, George A.  27 Apr 1939St. Louis, Missouri I9099
4 Beishier, George C.  19 Aug 1865St. Louis, Missouri I9896
5 Beishier, Helene  Dec 2005St. Louis, Missouri I9116
6 Beishier, Jacob  11 Oct 1946St. Louis, Missouri I9102
7 Beishier, Mary Anna  4 Nov 1899St. Louis, Missouri I7426
8 Beishier, Norman James  1 Mar 1983St. Louis, Missouri I9730
9 Beishier, William Henry  25 Jul 1948St. Louis, Missouri I7430
10 Beishier, William Joseph  16 Sep 1993St. Louis, Missouri I9751
11 Cooper, Dela  24 Jan 1953St. Louis, Missouri I9720
12 Fox, M.S.L.  3 Jul 1874St. Louis, Missouri I9707
13 Goble, Martha W.  28 Jan 1944St. Louis, Missouri I7452
14 Judd, Bernice Ruth  28 Nov 1950St. Louis, Missouri I9087
15 Keebler, Dathel M  24 Jul 1992St. Louis, Missouri I9753
16 Kensinger, Jeannette Camilla  1998St. Louis, Missouri I9718
17 Kensinger, Lee Wynn  Aft 1970St. Louis, Missouri I9086
18 Kensinger, Lillian May  1981St. Louis, Missouri I9082
19 Kensinger, Oliver William  30 Jul 1927St. Louis, Missouri I7445
20 Kratky, Albert “AJ” Vincent  1955St. Louis, Missouri I9083
21 Rafferty, James G.  9 May 1916St. Louis, Missouri I9079
22 Sutton, Benjamin  14 Jul 1887St. Louis, Missouri I9898
23 Winkler, Nicholas M.  30 Mar 2001St. Louis, Missouri I9117
24 Wynn, Fred  7 Jul 1902St. Louis, Missouri I7444
25 Wynn, James  Sep 1940St. Louis, Missouri I7440
26 Wynn, James E.  21 Dec 1926St. Louis, Missouri I7451
27 Wynn, Mary L.  30 Dec 1976St. Louis, Missouri I7437
28 Wynn, Sarah “Sallie”  14 Apr 1941St. Louis, Missouri I7441
29 Wynn, Viola  15 Sep 1877St. Louis, Missouri I7443
30 Yates, Edna A  13 Jul 1913St. Louis, Missouri I9766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beishier, John Louis  19 Feb 1859St. Louis, Missouri I7431
2 Yoakley, Joseph Richard  14 Aug 1856St. Louis, Missouri I7057


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Goble, Martha W.  4 Jan 1944St. Louis, Missouri I7452


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beishier / Dering  Sep 1906St. Louis, Missouri F6505
2 Beishier / Goble  1875St. Louis, Missouri F5273
3 Beishier / Wilkerson  1 May 1879St. Louis, Missouri F5277
4 Kensinger / Judd  31 Oct 1923St. Louis, Missouri F6492
5 Kensinger / Wynn  17 Oct 1899St. Louis, Missouri F5279
6 Stevens / Wilkerson  15 Feb 1850St. Louis, Missouri F5701