We Love to Share!

After all, genealogy is all about collaboration with other researchers. In fact, the main reason we pursue the hobby is to find out as much as we can about our ancestors and share that information with our family - no matter how distantly related they may be!

And that’s the whole point of this website. The information is here for you to use. But, as you use it, we’d really appreciate it if you’d keep a few things in mind.

Much of the information here and the photographs, documents and other media came from someone else. For the most part, these contributors gave us permission to use their images and information with the explicit understanding that we would give them credit for their contribution. We have tried very hard to always give credit where credit is due, and tell our visitors exactly where we got each piece of information. Furthermore, the two of us have been doing original research on our family trees for 35 years. We, too, are hoping all that hard work will be acknowledged and appreciated as it makes its way around the Internet.

If you plan to use information from this site for your genealogy and you end up publishing it, either in a traditional publication like a book or even just a public tree on Ancestry.com, please copy the sources along with it! Don’t just put it up on your tree without any reference to the people who did all the work to find it, contribute it and make it available to you. In the case of images, like photos and documents, it would be a good idea if you contacted us to ask permission first. In some cases, we will need to contact the original contributor to make sure it is OK with them as well.

Along with the other sources associated with the information or images, we’d also appreciate it if you would include the following reference either in your notes or as an additional source citation associated with each image or person-page:

Don & Carley Worth, worth@ucla.edu & carleyworth@ucla.edu, www.bishir.org

That way, if someone sees the information in your tree in the future and wants to know where it came from, they can contact us directly too. Also, we’re still busy adding to our collection, and we may need to make corrections or add new information about our ancestors. If you reference us, then hopefully future researchers will be able to find that new information.


Don & Carley Worth

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