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2/25/2016 NEW DNA INFORMATION: The DNA Project page has been updated with new information based on test results submitted to us over the past two years.

1/7/2015 PHOTOGRAPH OF JACOB BISHIR'S BARN: As of 1960 Jacob Bishir's barn was still in use near Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio.

11/4/2013 CRISLEY BISHEER FOUND IN 1816 IN HAMILTON CO, OHIO: Crisley sells all his posessions to his son, Jacob. Read the transcription here.

6/9/2013 SURVEY OF NAMES similar to Bishir/Bisher in Alsace-Lorraine in 1872.

3/26/2012 BISHIRS CAPTURED AT BATTLE OF SABINE CROSSROADS: Newspaper articles mention Sgt. W. M. Bishir and Cpl. George Bishir in Confederate prison camp.

6/13/2011 NEW PHOTO & DOCUMENTS: of the Highland Co., Ohio Bishirs from J. Benson Bishir's grandson, Mark Sebastian.

4/1/2011 BISHIRS IN WESTMORELAND CO. PA: A professional researcher thoroughly searched and could not find any records. Read her letter here.

11/15/2010 READ MARY ANNA GARMAN'S JOURNAL: As she describes her girlhood in 1870s Ohio. Thank you to Julie Monson for scanning it for us!

05/09/2010 NEW PHOTOS FROM LEWIS BISHIR'S FAMILY: Barb Kime, Julie Monson, and Mary Lou Jensen have contributed new photos of the Wilmington, Ohio Bishirs.

01/16/2010 NEW PHOTOS FROM LUNDY BISHIR'S FAMILY: Kathy Kearney has sent some great photos as well as a fascinating article about Jonathan Bishir's Civil War service.

01/08/2010 BISHIR GROUP ON FACEBOOK: Rob Bishir has set up a new Facebook group for descendents of Christopher Bishir of Highland Co., Ohio. Click on the link to join up!

09/03/2009 HEADSTONES FROM MONTANA: A FindAGrave contributor has submitted photos of Livingston, MT Bishirs' graves.

07/13/2009 BISHIR REUNION AUG 8, 2009: Come to a reunion in Gas City, IN! Email Joyce Pappas for details: jpappas1@indy.rr.com

06/25/2009 A THANKSGIVING TO REMEMBER: Rob Bishir recalls a very different sort of family Thanksgiving.

06/11/2009 JACOB BISHIR BRANCH PHOTOS: Julie Monson sent great old photos after a visit to Mary Lou Wells Jensen, including one of Elizabeth Coddington Bishir.

05/20/2009 DNA PROVES JEREMIAH & JONATHAN RELATED: A new DNA test has been submitted by a descendent of Jonathan Bishir.

04/27/2009 INDIANA HEADSTONES: Larry Chizum sent photos of Joseph & Mary Bisher's and John Bisher's graves in Moon Cemetery in Fulton Co, Indiana.

1/19/2009 GREAT AUNT MATTIE'S PHOTOS: Teresa Bishir Barrier has sent us over 150 photos she found in her dad's attic. Some of them need IDing. Please help!

10/6/2008 MORE HEADSTONES: Randy Wilson has just returned from Highland Co., Ohio with more cemetery photos. He found Maj. Christopher Bishir's!

9/25/2008 ARTIST EXTRAORDINARE: Read all about Joseph Benson Bishir, accomplished Florida artist.

9/19/2008 GEORGE AND SAMUEL BISHER RELATED! DNA test results show that George Bisher of Hancock Co., Ohio is related to Samuel Bisher of Luzerne Co., PA.

8/8/2008 GEORGE BISHER NOT RELATED TO CHRISTOPHER BISHIR: DNA test results show George & Samuel Bisher are not related to the Christopher Bishir family of southern Ohio and Indiana.

8/8/2008 YORK COUNTY, PA RESEARCH COMES UP EMPTY: After an extensive search our researcher in York Co., PA could not find evidence of Christopher Bishir there prior to 1800.

6/29/2008 MORE OHIO CEMETERY PHOTOS: Our researcher has provided photos of Lynchburg F&AM & Masonic, Goshen, and Buford Cemeteries.

5/8/2008 MORE INFO ON INDIANA BISHIRS: Theresa Bishir Barrier contributed lots of photos. Arthur Albert Bishir pronounced it "Basher".

4/28/2008 "NEW BOY" or "TWO BOYS"? New dad wonders just how many babies did his wife, Jennie Bisher Drisko, have in 1902?

4/8/2008 BISHIR RUNS FOR CONGRESS: Dan Bishir (Jeremiah's line) of Missouri is running for congress. http://danbishirforusrep.net/. He's not the only one who has!

2/25/2008 ALL OF THEM IN 1850 & 1860: We have added all Bisher/Bishirs in the 1850 & 1860 US Censuses to our database. Here are the compilations for 1850 & 1860.

2/21/2008 CONFEDERATE BISHER IN A YANKEE PRISON: Read about the North Carolina Bishers on Jamie Bisher's website.

11/24/2007 FIRST DNA RESULTS: We have received the first DNA test results from a male Bishir.

10/04/2007 HART REUNION: John Blair, webmaster of the Heth Hart Website is planning a reunion in Ohio for descendents. Christopher Bishir, Jr's wife was Susannah Hart.

09/03/2007 HIGHLAND HEADSTONES: Cathy Pitzer who lives in Lynchburg, Ohio has taken photos of Bishir graves, including Jacob Bishir. Thanks, Cathy!

08/21/2007 HIDDEN HEADSTONE: Thanks to Craig Marshall who photographed Taylor headstones in Cowan's Creek Cemetery - even to uncovering one that was completely overgrown!

08/15/2007 CEMETERY TRAMPING: Many thanks to Roxanne Grevers who photographed Taylor graves in Clinton Co., Ohio for us!

07/21/2007 MORE JEREMIAH DESCENDENTS: Rob Bishir has added lots more data to Jeremiah's line, including the Gillam family.

07/13/2007 OVER 400 DESCENDENTS OF "CHRISTLY BYSHER": We have just added our 400th descendent of Christopher Bishir Sr.!

07/13/2007 FOUR NEW JOHN BISHIR CONTRIBUTORS: Karron Miller. Bob Mahan. Wendy Ramirez and Mark Young have added information about John Bishir's line.

07/03/2007 NEW INFO ON CHRISTOPHER: Karron Miller has submitted Mary Bisher Garman's recollections of her Great Grandfather, Christopher Bishir, as well as the William Bruce Bishir family bible.

06/15/2007 1886 TRAGIC LOSS: Bishir mother loses her baby when her cabin burns to the ground.

06/10/2007 EXCITING NEW PHOTOS! Look at Rob Bishir's photos of Jeremiah Bishir's homestead in Indiana

06/10/2007 NEW BRANCH: Take a look at Judy Howe's branch of the Bisher family starting with Samuel Bisher of New Jersey & Pennsylvania.

06/07/2007 RESEARCHERS PAGE: A Researchers/Contributors page has been added to thank everyone who has participated in building this web site. Please let us know if we've left anyone out!

06/06/2007 ALTERNATE WEB ADDRESS: We have secured the domain name bisher.info, which will more readily lead people searching for that spelling to our site.

06/06/2007 NEW FEATURES: The new version of the software includes a slideshow feature. Go to photos, documents or all media, and pick a photo and display it. Up above the photo click on start slide show (you can click the minus sign to speed it up). It will run through all the photos in that list in order. And, Google Maps have been added for some cemeteries. Also, be sure to sign our new Guestbook!!

06/05/2007 BISHIR COOPER SHOP: Judy Kivi contributed a 1906 photo of her Bishir Grandfather in front of his cooper shop.

06/05/2007 BISHIR DOUGHBOY: Check out Rob Bishir's photo of his WW I Great Grandfather.

05/09/2007 NEW DATA: Lori Myers' data has been loaded for Jeremiah Bishir (1800-1875) and his descendents.

05/09/2007 NEW DATA: Tax records for Warren Co., Ohio for Jeremiah, John & Frederick Bishir (who's Frederick ?!?!?!)

05/09/2007 NEW ARTICLES: Check out the new Christly Bysher article and the Virtual Tour of Lynchburg!

05/09/2007 FOR YOUR PRIVACY: We have eliminated everyone who was born after 1940. (This may result in the display of fewer children than there should be for families that span 1940.)